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“The true test of civilization is, not the census, nor the size of cities, nor the crops, but the kind of men that the country turns out”
- Emerson


Webster’s defines ambassador as “a diplomatic official of the highest rank, sent by one sovereign or state to another as its resident representative or sent on a special or temporary mission.” This program contains many of the components as taught in The Diplomat Series but gives a more in depth training on international business etiquette and protocol. Attendance to events of the highest governmental or business level requires further sophistication and education. The executive must be adept in understanding the cultural intelligence factor in order to be successful in any business negotiation. Selected countries will be studied and more importantly techniques in finding out information about a new country are explored. The additional areas of focus include:

• The cultural component in international business and negotiation
• Breaking through business stereotypes
• Business Meetings: Procedures and Practices
• Time/punctuality
• Titles/business cards
• Order of precedence/rank/status
• Verbal and non-verbal communication
• Negotiations
• Business entertaining/dining customs/toasting/seating protocols
• Executive Gift Giving
• Cultural sensitivities/avoiding faux pas
• Forms of address and greetings
• 10 Step formula for establishing long lasting business relationship
• Critical element of trust
• Success outside the office complex
• Language – country specific review of important phrases to learn
• Resource strategies – where to obtain updated and accurate information per country/links to business investment and trade missions
• Character Transparency harvests decency

The difference between the one and two day program involved the number of countries targeted. More countries are covered in the two day program. Both days include a tutorial dining program.

One & Two Day Programs Available

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Diane Diehl Company
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- Diane Diehl
Diane Diehl Company

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