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“Character and personal force are the only investments that are worth anything”
- Whitman

Business is global and American jobs are going global, this trend will not change. The American businessman can not count on old strategies for success. Business schools today are retooling their curriculum to meet this change. Computer technology has become the superhighway for explosive growth worldwide. The small or mid-size business can now participate, where previously only those exclusive to the Fortune 500 were allowed. This has brought opportunities to any creative entrepreneur. What is critical is being knowledgeable about how to effectively conduct business not only domestically but internationally. So much of the negotiation is done outside of the office and generally takes place in a more relaxed social setting. This is particularly true for that international client where a certain level of trust must be solidified prior to the signing of any contract. Your every move is watch closely and most American businesspeople are not even aware that this is happening. If you do not project a confident and polished image and are not sensitive to your client’s needs, an environment of trust and respect cannot develop and the business deal will not succeed.

Diane Diehl Company offers the most extensive programs found anywhere in the world to train the executive in all areas to assist in developing a positive business relationship with that client. These are learned skills that the American businessperson has had little training or exposure too. From the negotiating table to the dining table he will be coached on all aspects of protocols.

Who should attend these classes?
• Any person who wishes to further develop their interpersonal skills in the marketplace from the negotiating table to the dining table
• Any person who may be entering the job market who will be dealing with clients directly either domestically or internationally
• Any person’s who may be considering a career change, especially for those whose job may have been exported overseas

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Contact Information
Diane Diehl Company
Office: 949-300-9432
- Diane Diehl
Diane Diehl Company

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