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Diane Diehl Company has developed training for those entrepreneurs interested in beginning or expanding their business in etiquette/protocol. The philosophy of Diane Diehl Company is that any person who is interested in acquiring this knowledge, such as a school teacher who wishes to incorporate some manners training in the classroom, to the human resource specialist, public relations official, image consultant or grandmother, should be able to obtain these materials. Such information should be inclusive and not exclusive for everyone! We recognize this and therefore have developed two styles of learning to best meet your needs. Welcome to our world!

Diane Diehl Company provides two styles of training, the formal classroom setting which is optimal or our on line training where one can begin their education at the time and place of their choosing.

For those interested in attending the formal classroom approach we offer three days of intensive, hands on instruction followed by a certification ceremony where one will receive a Certificate of Merit welcoming them into the world of protocol and etiquette. This is only the beginning of our relationship for no two markets are identical and we look forward to sharing our experiences and assisting the student to reach their goals on an ongoing basis once they complete their training and are back home.

The student may choose to receive training in any one of the four areas of focus:

- International Business & Protocol
- Business and Social Protocols
- Petite Protocol™ & all Youth Programs
- World Class Customer Service ™ - hotel & retail industry

Each of these sessions takes three days of training. If you would like to receive training in all three areas, that would entail twelve days of total instruction. At this time we do not advise enrolling in more than one training module. After some experience in practicing what you have learned, you may enroll in another program. We have found this method to be more successful in launching your business.

We are determined to keep you appraised of the most accurate and up to date information most particularly when it involves international protocols. We are fortunate to be able to conduct ongoing original research in this area as many of the resource materials especially from the governmental sector are not current.

Sign up today on our Registry List where we will keep you posted on scheduled dates and location. Thirty days prior to each session, a deposit of $1000 will secure placement in the class.

Cost for Each Three Day Program*

Includes all materials and tutorial dining programs.
Does not include travel or accommodations.

Register Today !

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Contact Information
Diane Diehl Company
Office: 949-300-9432
- Diane Diehl
Diane Diehl Company

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