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Historical Perspective

Diane Diehl Company would like to share our philosophy over these past twenty years in the industry when it comes to training others who share our mission in teaching etiquette and protocol to children and adults.

First, there is no mystery about etiquette – the information has always been readily available, with Emily Post being at the forefront through her books and videos. The Post family even today provides the most accurate and up to date information on just about any etiquette question you may have – social or business. There are also many wonderful books written by women who share this passion in trying to reach our children. Visit our Bookstore where we post those books that we love and use in the development of our programs.

From Emily Post the gauntlet was passed to Marjabelle Young Stewart whose twenty books on etiquette for children and adults are distributed worldwide. Her programs have been featured worldwide throughout 800 cities. She began her training in the 1950’s in Washington D.C. with Grace B. Kyle (Diane Diehl’s mother) both having been trained by Mrs. Gladstone Williams, the authority on etiquette and protocol in governmental circles.

Concerning International cultures and differences, the woman who was at the forefront of this trend in international awareness began with Sandra Snowdon of Snowdon International in the 1980’s. She researched and wrote many books on the subject and truly paved the way for any organization today that offers international protocol training to their clients. Her goal was to bridge the knowledge from the governmental sector to the private sector in doing business internationally. The Global Edge: How Your Company can win In the International Marketplace (Simon and Schuster, 1986) is still unparalleled in its accuracy and research. Also Lennie Copeland and Lewis Griggs book, Going International: How to Make Friends and Deal Effectively in the Global Marketplace, (Random House, 1985)

Snowdon also founded (Diane Diehl was one of the co-founders) the International Protocol Officers Association through which private industry for the first time was well briefed on the need to develop cultural sensitivities in doing business globally. Conferences were held annually to provide private industry with training and information on the best resources available to help their companies be successful internationally.

Between these two giants, Stewart and Snowdon, the field of etiquette and protocol would never be the same. They were the first and more importantly they readily shared their knowledge to all. From their materials and leadership, programs began to flourish globally. The field of teaching etiquette mushroomed and today we are blessed to have a plethora of etiquette trainers ready and willing to provide classes and instruction to children and adults worldwide.

Initially when various schools and programs were set up they would only address business etiquette and not even use the word “protocol” and in fact objected to the word for its roots were from the governmental sector meaning “rules to follow with regards to the foreign government – placement of the flags for official ceremonies, proper seating of heads of state when at a banquet, etc”.

Also, these first schools of etiquette that were forming also felt you should never combined training corporate executives and children at the same time – in fact, they never considered training children! Diane Diehl Company changed the industry and today we see in many of the schools a combination of programs available – both for children and adults.

Our philosophy is that all etiquette information should be readily available to anyone who has an interest in teaching. The only requirement is a passion to change the world and to be the bridge through which better understanding and respect for the other is paramount.

Our Perspective – usage of copy write materials

A word about copy writes. Anything you receive from Diane Diehl Company you are welcome to incorporate into your own training program. Other than the name of this company or noted trade marked names, you are more than welcome to use any part of our written materials. We are privileged to know that you value our information and wish to incorporate them into your programs.

Beware of those companies that post warnings about copywriting of their materials for they reflect the opposite of what etiquette is all about. There are no secrets to teaching etiquette – the materials are readily available through libraries and the internet.

We reach out to anyone with a desire to positively impact lives – the need is great in our world today. We also have the Marjabelle Young Stewart & Grace B. Kyle Scholarship Fund available for those needing financial assistance in purchasing the materials.

“If the oasis multiplies, then the desert shall disappear.”

Etiquette Trainer – Your Career - We Care!

There is a plethora of information out there that any person, especially with any kind of teaching background, can put together a remarkable program for themselves – without any help. Technology has now enabled anyone to be able to research and get any answer to any question they may have for the development of their own program – social, business or even international. All the material is readily available.

With that said we still have been bombarded with your requests – especially from many of you who economically could not attend our formal programs here in California. We have therefore decided to partner with academia and soon will be launching curriculum for the following programs:

International Business Protocols - The Art of Diplomacy
Social versus Business Entertaining
Children's Programs - Petite Protocol™
Charmed Warriors™ (girls)
Young Diplomats Series (teens)
Camp Etiquette (girls & boys)
Future Statesmen Leadership Camp (teens)

In addition to providing you with the training manuals, handouts, and all that you need to plan your programs, we are excited to announce that the experts that have written the books for colleges and universities on marketing your business will provide us with all materials necessary to take your business, one step at a time to success. They too share our goal in being able to provide this information to anyone with a commitment to building their business and a genuine passion to succeed.

Let us hear from you too!


Contact Information
Diane Diehl Company
Office: 949-300-9432
- Diane Diehl
Diane Diehl Company

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