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1. Everyone has just been seated for dinner, but you notice the hostess
has not put her napkin in her lap. What should you assume?

She is waiting for the host to pour the wine.
Since she will assist in serving, she does not put her napkin in her lap immediately.
She is waiting to bless the food.
She wants to make sure everyone is comfortable.

2. You are served crackers with your soup. To eat them you should:

Take a bite of cracker, then a spoonful of soup.
You can dunk your cracker in the soup and then eat it
Crumble them up with the cup of your hand and put then on top of the soup
You can dunk your cracker into the soup and leave it there

3. Where is the butter plate placed when dining with the Queen?

Above the forks to the left of the dinner plate
Above the knives to the right
Above the center of the plate between the fork and knives
In a formal table setting there are no butter plates.

4. How long before serving should a red wine bottle be opened?

1 hour
15 minutes
3 hours
24 hours

5. If a waiter offers you some croustades, what has he just served you?

French thin bread
Small chicken wings

6. What is bamel?

A type of red wine
A French appetizer
A fine linen napkin
A basic white sauce consisting of flour, butter, and milk

7. What is the proper way to eat French fries?

It is proper to pick them up with your fingers
You must use and fork and knife to cut them up, and then eat them with your fork
You may pick them up with your fork, whole, and place them into your mouth
Using a fork, cut the fries into bite-size pieces, then eat them with the fork

8. A bunch of grapes is being passed at a luncheon. What is the most
appropriate way of removing them from the bowl?

Break off a branch and put it on your plate
Pull off, one by one, as many grapes as you want to eat
Cut off a branch as close to the stem as possible
A or C

9. How should appetizer wines be served?

Room temperature
Chilled or on ice
There is no such thing as appetizer wines

10. Why are champagne glasses so thin?

A glassware designers preference
Thicker glasses would raise the temperature of the sparkling wine
When making a toast, the clinking of the glassware to get the guest attention has a higher pitch due to the thinness of the glass
Champagne glasses can be thick or thin

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