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The rules of etiquette and the reason for such protocols date back to the Egyptians, with The Instructions of Ptahhotep, written some 4,000 years ago. Within these behavior manuals seeds were planted from which Western Civilization's code of ethics and the rules of statesmanship-like behavior would be codified. From the Egyptians, Greeks, and 19th century Victorian influence to our present day, manners are akin to the ebb and flow of the tide, from which civility to barbarous behavior will shift back and forth depending on society’s tolerance. These behavioral currents tend to flow every 50 – 75 years.

After the American Revolutionary War it was evident that with independence followed joyous celebrations of this new found freedom. These freedoms quickly spread throughout all of society, especially with the young. Visitors from "the continent” looked upon American children as little monsters. This is not to say that all children misbehaved, for those living within rural areas did attend church and tried to obey their parents; however, there certainly were enough youth living within the cities who took pleasure in shocking the world with their behavior as documented by the many etiquette books that flooded the market!

The pendulum has again begun to shift from a generation who paid less attention to the details of etiquette to those that realize perhaps there may be some merit in what grandmother was trying to teach us! It all is a matter of balance. We love and protect our liberties and freedom of expression while at the same time we do not wish to disrespect our fellow man; hence the 1960’s generation who threw out all books of decorum in the quest for honesty and truth and the feeling that as long as one did not hurt his fellow man all things were accepted. As with most trends within a society, a new trend tends to live and be accepted until the extreme is reached and here today we are seeing these “accepted” extremes act out their freedoms only to be tempered a bit by grandmother’s wish for decorum and respect.

It may be of some comfort to revisit history in order to gain a better perspective of what is happening within Western societies, with particular emphasis on American culture. Why this focus? Because American culture, much to the chagrin of the world, is the model that many wish to replicate either in the political, economic, social or arts sector of society. Freedom and liberty fosters an environment of creativity not only for the entrepreneur but also for the rock star. Ironically the two, who may appear to be culturally opposite, do operate within the same matrix.
Those cultures who object to American culture are generally the adult generation who fear American influence on their children and believe in the extremes without understanding what America is really all about. America is loved by youth throughout the world because innately youth senses the freedom and liberties that foster our culture for all mankind wishes to be free.

Civility and uncivilized behavior will always be a challenge within freedom loving societies. It is the culture, the society that brings temperance to the storm, not more laws or rules as seen in tyrannical and theocratic societies. Decency and respect do thrive especially when one "grows up" and actually has to market himself in their quest for a career.

In order to be successful within the global marketplace, the individual must develop a culture intelligence factor™ or cultural intelligentsia. One must not only be brilliant in his or her field of endeavor but their behavior and interpersonal communication skills must be diplomatic and statesman-like. Yes, character matters and this is something that continually is evolving. Statistics show that intelligence is dwarfed when compared to the value of one’s honesty when conducting any business contract. Those who lack integrity in the end will meet with failure, if not economically certainly emotionally. Success is not measured by economic standards alone, but by the business relationships that are built on trust. The successful executive is sensitive to all involved and shows respect even to his competitor. The successful executive understands not only the written language but the unwritten language of the deal. Culture intelligence makes a difference, it produces such a statesman.

Other countries now have the economic means and culture acumen to outclass his American counterpart. Geography has enforced this feature for success in Europe. Globally the ugly American of the 1960's is again alive and well but his financial pocketbook is coming up empty. It is not only the Fortune 500 companies that are trading internationally, but the mid-size and smaller enterprises that wish to compete globally. American businesses are realizing that their executives with top knowledge in their respective field are no guarantee for success. As corporate American continues to come to terms with this enigma, they are enrolling their leadership and new graduates in courses in etiquette and interpersonal skills.

The business relationship and development of the trust factor when dealing especially with the international client, is negotiated outside corporate walls. American business is also realizing that even if financially their deal is better than a competitor's, they will lose if they cannot be trusted. Such a concept is alien to those American executives who value only the “bottom line”.

Diane Diehl Company offers the most comprehensive instruction found anywhere in the world. With over twenty-five years of experience coupled with seven years of original research within the international arena, guarantees that the executive will receive the most current and updated information available.

All graduates from Diane Diehl Company automatically will receive the monthly newsletter The Statesman which addresses current trends and updates in business ethics, protocols and etiquettes as well as country briefs focusing on business etiquette and protocols of that country.

Graduates are invited to become members of the Global Associates Network International which provides a forum for further education and networking amongst its membership to discuss culture differences; international negotiation styles as well as investment strategies in the global marketplace. Members will also enjoy visiting our Executive Chat Room where they can discuss first hand with leadership various subjects to better enhance their business and interpersonal skills, particularly when dealing internationally. Also peruse our Blogger Station where you can ask questions and review answers to better assist you with your business knowledge. Visit our bookstore where you can link to the best books available as well as purchase our ebooks and videos to further help with your training goals. We are excited about our on line interactive training programs developed for people of all ages which will be educational and fun! Welcome to our site, welcome to our world!

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