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- The Art of Civility - 21st Century
- The Art of Entertaining in Style
- The Etiquettes of Tea


"If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows he is a citizen of the world and that his heart is no island cut off from other lands, but a continent that joins them."
--Francis Bacon

The Social Graces Series presents the most comprehensive instruction for those wishing to learn about all the intricacies of today's "modern manners." Confusion coupled with a lack of confidence has dominated the social and business scene when it comes to understanding the basic tenets as to the proper form of behavior when conducting interaction whether in a social or business setting. There is a difference and it is important for those who wish to polish up their style to know these differences as well as to feel comfortable in any kind of social interaction. This has become imperative if one wishes to assume any kind of leadership either within the business community or socially. People with rude and obtrusive behavior no matter how innocent they may be, are just not welcomed in either the business or social world. Manners matter and only those who understand this will excel in whatever endeavors they so choose to engage.

The traditional family setting of dinner every night around the table has changed with the influx of today's woman in the marketplace. Schedules have changed and what was once a priority within the family unit that fostered the delicate care and teaching of good manners and social skills to our children has been substituted by convenience and a myriad of activities. The family social structure has been undergoing change since the 1960's so that we actually have two generations that have not received adequate instruction in social and communicative skills. We constantly see this at the highest level with the disrespect and harsh language of many of our economic and political leaders. Statesmen they are not and it is therefore imperative that with the current generation and future generations we begin to instill the values of integrity with the development of sound leadership and character.

Diane Diehl Company has assembled classes to meet these needs. Through The Social Graces Series one may choose to participate in all three classes or choose whichever one will meet their immediate need in polishing their unique style and giving them confidence in any social or business interaction.

The Art of Civility - 21st Century

Treating others with respect and courtesy is what manners is all about. Thoughtfulness, respect for others, cooperation and generosity is what produces a more civilized society.
Civility makes our world a better place in which to live. Basic kindness and respect for one's fellow human being is at the base of all civilized societies. This kindness and care for another comes not just from following certain rules of behavior but such genuine caring comes from within. Some of the subjects covered in this class include the following:

- Civil versus uncivilized behavior
- Learning Compassion/respect
- The Golden Rule
- Conflict Resolution styles/dealing with difficult people
- Art of negotiating - Sir Thomas Moore style of debate
- Understanding cultural differences
- Personal Grooming Habits
- Poise/positioning
- Speech/dictation
- Art of Introduction/The First Impression/Remembering Names
- Forms of Address/Titles
- Invitations/The Written Word/Stationary/Correspondence
- Electronic manners/email/cell phones
- Gift Giving Protocols
- Dining Made Simple
- Networking a Room

A Four Hour class that includes a dining tutorial portion.

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Contact Information
Diane Diehl Company
Office: 949-300-9432
- Diane Diehl
Diane Diehl Company

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