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- The Art of Civility - 21st Century
- The Art of Entertaining in Style
- The Etiquettes of Tea


"Good manners spring from just one thing - kind impulses."
--Elsa Maxwell

The art of serving and making tea captures the elegance and graciousness of times past. Though even today it is a wonderful ritual enjoyed by many people, especially in Europe. In both business and social settings the art of tea etiquette and protocols is truly a work of art to be mastered only by those who choose to learn all the intricacies related to these rituals. What most do not realize is that even in the business setting taking a tea break provides a nourishing framework for even the most heated debaters thus allowing a few moments of reflection and refocus. One will learn the secrets of making a perfect pot of tea as well as the proper forms of serving. From the use of loose tea to tea bags of our modern era, one will learn all about tea and the various European and most notable the magnificent Japanese Tea Ceremony.

- The History of Tea
- Proper Use of Loose tea versus tea bags
- The Japanese Tea Ceremony
- European Importance of Tea/Business and Social
- Making the Perfect Pot of Tea
- Tea Warmers
- How to's of Serving Tea
- The Silver Tea Set versus Porcelain
- Proper china when serving tea
- Afternoon Tea versus High Tea
- Business Tea Break - Do's and Don'ts
- The Social Tea/banquet table set up
- Tea Sandwiches/what to serve/menu's
- Proper eating of the English Scone
- Proper holding of the tea cup
- Tea servers/strainers
- Proper storage of your tea
- How to choose the perfect tea
- Difference between black, green and herbal teas

A three hour program including the sampling of various teas and tea sandwiches.
Register Today !

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Diane Diehl Company
Office: 949-300-9432
- Diane Diehl
Diane Diehl Company
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