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- Charmed Warrior Series (girls only)
- Gentlemen's Society (boys only)
- Leadership Matters (girls & boys)


“Morals refine manners, as manners refine morals.”

--Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach


The Charmed Warriors™ series include three four-hour sessions which are the most important classes any pre-teen or teen woman can ever attend during this critical phase of her development.

The goal is twofold; one, to encourage a self-discovery of her innate gifts which will assist her in the development of her social and career path based on sound moral and ethical principles of conduct. Secondly, to develop the ability to distinguish between art form as it pertains to their pop culture through music, art advertisements that are targeted to the youth, as well as all aspects of pop art of our day.

It is important that these young women begin to discover that there are differences between art expression art form as compared to the reality of the artist giving expression. The purpose of developing such an ability to differentiate between art and reality is critical so that one realizes there is a difference between the artist and the performance. Modern dress codes and rude behavior of youth generally stems from a faulty awareness from what they see within the art form matrix. To be accepted within their peer group they believe they must emulate these forms of art expressions. This is not true, this is not reality and this class will assist the student to develop this awareness to better assist them in making their own choices based on sound reasoning.

Getting caught up in the pop culture historically leads to many young people falling off the cliff to self-destruction. Arming these charmed warriors™ with skills necessary to swim against the current of their time will produce leaders and statesmen for tomorrow.

• Within these series of classes all aspects of etiquette and protocols are taught. The do’s and don’ts of practically any subject as it relates to manners is included. Each session will include a dining portion which will give the student hours of practice on all aspects of table dining, listening and conversation skills.
• In depth discussion to distinguish between the artist and art form within pop culture
• Self-discovery through assignments in journal writing, poetry of thought in order to identify those obvious or latent areas of interest for future development
• Image – codes of dress and behavior
• Interviewing Skills – landing that first summer job
• Conflict Resolution Skills/Being a respectful debater
• Negotiation Skills – creating a win win solution

Enrollment based on application only. We apologize for we do have a waiting list for this class. Please contact our office and we will provide you with the schedules. Classes are taught in both the Los Angeles area, New York and London. Thank you.

Three Sessions all inclusive – Twelve Hours of Instruction

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Contact Information
Diane Diehl Company
Office: 949-300-9432
- Diane Diehl
Diane Diehl Company

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