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PETITE PROTOCOL™ CLASSES -          [click here to view a story about this class]

“Manners reflect the wisdom of our time.”
-- Diane Diehl

Learning manners can be fun! Petite Protocol™ is a one day class full of interaction and practice for your child. Ages range from six to twelve and they will constantly be challenged and instructed in all areas of etiquette and protocol.

This class is a confidence builder and your child will develop the tools and skills necessary to overcome their shyness in any situation. They will even develop conversational skills and perhaps most importantly listening skills!

Listed below are just some of the basics of what will be covered in this unique and one of a kind type of class.
• Personal Presence/poise
• Body language/sitting/standing/walking/posture
• Art of Introductions/Titles/Forms of Address/handshake/curtsy/bow
• Eye contact/cultural differences/respect
• Art of Listening/Conversational Skills
• Appropriate Table and Party Conversation
• Punch Bowl Etiquette
• Overcoming Shyness – Project your uniqueness
• Developing confidence in any situation
• What is character?
• All about stationary/formal and informal/thank you notes/invitations
• Writing Instruments
• Telephone Practices/message taking/answering machines/cell phone etiquettes
• Computer etiquette/chat room do’s and don’ts/email
• Gift Giving
• Special events/holiday parties/birthday parties
• Visiting a museum/concert/clapping

In addition to the instruction, the class will meet with a chef and will have a cooking component. A formal tutorial dining portion will also be taught giving practice to all rules of table dining and etiquette. They will learn everything from appropriate way to hold glassware to differences from the American Style to European Style of eating and master the art of eating difficult foods! This component is most popular with the children and they receive one on one instruction at the table.

Class Date: November 10, 2007

Full day, all inclusive.
Register Today !

Contact Information
Diane Diehl Company
Office: 949-300-9432
- Diane Diehl
Diane Diehl Company

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