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The rules of etiquette and the reason for such protocols date back to the Egyptians, with The Instructions of Ptahhotep, written some 4,000 years ago. Within these behavior manuals seeds were planted from which Western Civilization's code of ethics and the rules of statesmanship-like behavior would be codified. From the Egyptians, Greeks, and 19th century Victorian influence to our present day, manners are akin to the ebb and flow of the tide, from which civility to barbarous behavior will shift back and forth depending on society’s tolerance. These behavioral currents tend to flow every 50 – 75 years.
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To provide leadership training to those individuals interested in becoming true statesmen within their field of influence, either socially or professionally. Developing cultural sensitivities and building global bridges of understanding is critical for economic success in the global marketplace. Each bridge provides a platform for increased world peace. This is our hope, this is our mission.

- Diane Diehl  
Diane Diehl Company  

Test your Etiquette Knowledge
Everyone has just been seated for dinner, but you notice the hostess has not put her napkin in her lap. What should you assume?
Marketplace Spotlight

How the kids became so well-mannered

"Having to train our staff in becoming sensitive when working with others from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds was tantamount to our being able to work together to provide a quality product to our customers. Thank you so much for your program, for I do not know if we would have been successful without your help!

- Mr. Sam Gere
Travel Gear Services

"I cannot believe the difference in my children from having taken your etiquette classes. My daughter no longer complains in helping me set the table! My son now stands up when a friend enters our living room! Truly I cannot believe the difference! Though I have been trying for years to instill the importance of manners to my children, coming from an etiquette instructor certainly has raised the bar of awareness for them!
Need I say more!"

- Mrs. Roland Howes
Los Angeles, California

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