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"Having to train our staff in becoming sensitive when working with others from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds was tantamount to our being able to work together to provide a quality product to our customers. Thank you so much for your program, for I do not know if we would have been successful without your help!
- Mr. Sam Gere
Travel Gear Services

"I cannot begin to thank you for your customer service training. Our retail sales staff has been energized to treat each customer with the highest level of respect! I know we will succeed as we all are on the same team with the same goals in mind! Together we will exceed our expectations, I am sure! Thanks again for an exciting day!"
- Winston Steel
Cottage UK

" Though I have traveled extensively with my company, I never realized how much I did not know about the importance of developing what you refer to as the cultural sensitivities quotient! I feel more confident now. I have learned the skills of interacting with my foreign client. This confidence I did not get in graduate school!"
- Jason Stillwell,
Las Vegas, Nevada

"I cannot believe the difference in my children from having taken your etiquette classes. My daughter no longer complains in helping me set the table! My son now stands up when a friend enters our living room! Truly I cannot believe the difference! Though I have been trying for years to instill the importance of manners to my children, coming from an etiquette instructor certainly has raised the bar of awareness for them!
Need I say more!"
- Mrs. Roland Howes,
Los Angeles, California

" I was delighted to attend your Train the Trainer Program to be an etiquette instructor for children! I am so excited about my new venture and I particularly wish to thank you for all your support. Learning how to market this type of business indigenous to my particular area has been critical to my success. No two areas are the same and recognizing this and knowing how to uniquely target my market has been critical! Thank you for everything!"
- Susan Nielsen
Topeka, Kansas

"After two days of intense training in your international programs, I cannot thank you enough for all the detail and country specific information you gave me. I had no idea of all the intricacies of different cultures when trying to negotiate. Through your original research and development I always will be confident to have the most up to date and current information available!"

- Bryan Wilcox
Attorney New York City
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